Bachman Run

Bachman Run joins Quittie Creek   This page offers a series of photos of Bachman Run, starting with the confluence of Bachman Run & Quittie Creek and working our way upstream.  (All text & photos on this page courtesy of Michael Schroeder and © Quittapahilla Watershed Association.)

    Right:  Easternmost of the two branches of Bachman Run that join the Quittie. The second branch is about 50 yards downstream, just before the Quittie takes a sharp northerly turn. A hundred yards or so upstream from its mouth, Bachman Run splits into two branches at the big stone retention ponds at Quittie Glen Institute of Mental Health, just south of Reigerts Lane in South Annville Township.

    Below:  Walking a few dozen yards up Bachman Run, we see below the thick layer of silt, comprised of very fine decomposing organic debris, that covers the top 5-6 inches of the run's bottom. Lying beneath this thick layer of mucky silt is a solid creekbed of stone & gravel.

Left:  A bit further upstream we come across a private wooden bridge. The streambanks in this lowermost section of Bachman Run appear to be stable and are covered with thick layers of vegetation.




Below:  Continuing upstream, we enter the property owned by Quittie Glen Institute of Mental Health and its two lovely stone-lined retention ponds, with a fountain in the southern pond and a separate channel funneling Bachman Run into two branches (photos below).

Above:  Looking downstream, with a separate channel on the left (west) side of the retention ponds at right, splitting the lowermost section of Bachman Run into two branches. 

Below:  Looking upstream, with the bank of the eastern branch of Bachman Run lined with stones and with the southern retention pond & its fountain at left.

Below:  A bit further upstream, with the eastern branch of Bachman Run flowing over a small stone step and the southernmost corner of the southern retention pond at left.


Above:  Entrance to Quittie Glen Institute of Mental Health, with Bachman Run in the background and Weigerts Lane at right.  For a bit about the history of this section of Bachman Run, which in bygone days was called Fink's Grove, see Quittie Glen's website, at

   Additional photos of Bachman Run will be posted here as they become available.  We appreciate your patience as we rebuild this website.

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